42 Dugg Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Real Name & Girlfriend

42 Dugg

42 Dugg, also known as Dion Marquise Hayes, is a well-known American rapper. He is mainly known for his incredible collaborative songs with Lil Baby, a prominent rapper. “We Paid” and “Grace” are two of his most popular tracks. Dugg is now signed to Lil Baby’s 4PF Records and Yo Gotti’s CMG on a joint deal. 42 Dugg’s net worth is expected to reach $2.5 million in 2022.

Full Name Dion Marquise Hayes
Birth Date/ Age November 25, 1994 / 27 years old
Birth Place Detroit, Michigan, United States
Source of Wealth Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $2.5 million


Early life

42 On November 25, 1994, Dugg was born Dion Marquise Hayes in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He has a history of getting himself into trouble since he was a child. Dugg didn’t go to school too much because he preferred to spend his time at parties. Dugg ran into legal difficulty when he was 15 years old, and he was sentenced to 6 years in prison as a result. He has not, however, revealed the true reason for his detention.

Even when incarcerated, he was involved in fights with other inmates. In his fifth year of incarceration, he was sentenced to solitary imprisonment. During his time in prison, he became interested in music. Listening to and making music used to be his way of unwinding. Dugg resolved to pursue a career in music as soon as he was freed from prison.

42 Dugg Net Worth and Career in Music

In 2017, he met the rising rapper, Lil Baby, for the first time. At the time, he was working on his few singles titled “The Streets” and “STFU”. After a year in 2018, he flew to Atlanta to meet Lil Baby and his team. Lil eventually offered him to sing for his label 4PF. Just after some months, his amazing rhymes got into the ear of Yo Gotti, who signed him under his label Collective.

After appearing on Lil Baby’s song “Grace,” which was released in February 2020, Dugg gained a lot of attention. The song was a huge smash, reaching number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100. He was featured on Lil Baby’s new single “We Paid” in May 2020. On the Billboard Hot 100, the song reached number ten.

Dugg’s mixtape “Young & Turnt 2” was released on March 27, 2020. His early hit songs with Lil Baby contributed to the success of his mixtape. The mixtape was a tremendous hit, charting at number 58 on the Billboard 200.

42 Dugg Height, Weight & Measurements

42 Dugg actually has a very short height. He stands 5 feet 1 inches or 156 cm tall and weighs around 58 kg or 128 pounds. His chest size, waist size, and hips size are 38 inches, 28 inches, and 35 inches respectively. Likewise, his hair color is black and eye color is dark brown.

42 Dugg’s Girlfriend & Controversies

42 Dugg is presently single. In past, he was in a relationship with a lady named Jazmin Re’Nae. Dugg recently fell into controversies after his ex Jazmin calls him A Fat Booty Man.

Dugg has been arrested several times in 2020. First, he was arrested on March 10 on federal gun charges. Later, Dugg got arrested by police on August 4, 2020, as he fled his car through a stop sign. He paid a $20,000 bond to get released.

In February 2021, hip-hop artist OMB Peezy fired a gun on the music video shooting of Dugg and Roddy Ricch. Dugg got injured in the incident. However, no person suffered from serious injuries during that incident. Peezy was later arrested by police on the charge of possession of a firearm.

42 Dugg Net Worth

42 Dugg’s net worth is expected to be around $2.5 million by 2022. Through his extraordinary musical talent, he has failed to make a significant impact. Dugg has only recently begun his career and has had a few successful singles. His net worth will rise as he achieves greater success in the future.


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