“A1 assured” – Reactions as student shares video of mum lecturing in same class with him

A1 assured


A TikTok user identified as @david_wali has shared an intriguing video of his biological mother lecturing in his class.

According to David, he doesn’t have any excuse to miss classes because his mother is his lecturer and he wouldn’t risk it.


Netizens are calling him lucky, assuming that he has already secured an excellent score for the course.

He captioned the post; “When your mum is a lecturer and you just have to always attend classes.”

Social media users flocked to the comments section of the viral video, expressing their admiration for David’s advantageous position.


Many believe that having a parent as a lecturer guarantees academic success and have praised David for this perceived advantage.

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The video has sparked discussions among netizens about the benefits and privileges that may come with having a parent as a teacher.

@EMMAU MI reacted: “A1 assured.”

@obi commented: “U no know watin God done do for u.”

@Amara Joy reacted: “Enjoy your class.”

@Chioma Okpara said: “Ehhh But Atleast you would have A now.”

@Boss lady said: “Can relate guyy.”

@akuaberry reacted: “My dad. I don suffer pass.”

@Mustapha azeezat omotunravo said: “I won’t even attend that school.”

See the video below:


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