All my wealth, fame, assets is vanity at the end – Actress Destiny Etiko

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Actress Destiny Etiko

The Christmas Day celebration came with a moment of reflection for popular Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko.

The screen diva said that everything she has been working hard for, all her struggles in life, all head to one final vain destination.

destiny etiko

According to Etiko, in a post on her Instagram story, every of her assets and wealth in the end amount to vanity.

She wrote; ”All this stuggles… hardwork… wealth… assets… fame… at the end of the day is all vanity.”

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Though it seems she intended to pass a message to her followers, social media users were however, not moved and they dismissed it

theyy_luvv_lola; Why you no stop to hustle?😂😂

realvicado; I know it’s all vanity but I still want to have mine 🙏

ogastreet; So what are u saying?

viks_signature; abeg destiny calm down, allow us achieve more than what you have achieved and also pack the money before you start this your motivational service 😂

t20luxury; Make I get them first, I will know if they are really vanity or not

mrpresidennnt; Wealth is vanity and so is poverty. Choose your vanity wisely

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