Alexandra Botez Net Worth, Age, Bio, and Instagram

Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez is a chess player and internet personality of American and Canadian descent who is most known for her Twitch and YouTube feeds. Alexandra Botez has a net worth of $1 million.

Early Life and Bio


Full Name Alexandra Valeria Botez
Birth Date / Age September 24, 1995 / 26 Years Old
Birth Place Dallas, Texas, USA
Source of Wealth Internet Personality
Relationship Status Dating Eric Hanson
Height 5 ft. 5 in. / 1.65 m.
Net Worth $1 Million

Alexandra Valeria Botez was born in Dallas, Texas in September of 1995 to Andrei Botez and an unknown mother. Her parents actually fled the Socialist Republic of Romania just before she was born.

Botez was also born in Texas and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Alexandra’s father began teaching her how to play chess when she was six years old. According to Yahoo, she went on to win her first Canadian children’s national title two years later.

Botez eventually began training with renowned chess master Valer Eugen Demian.

She won the US Girls Nationals twice after returning to the United States at the age of 15. After graduating from high school in Oregon, she received a full-ride chess scholarship to the University of Texas at Dallas.

Ultimately, she would go to Stanford University to study International Relations.

(Alexandra Botez Photo Credit: Twitter/@alexandravbotez)

Alexanra Botez Net Worth and Career

Botez began streaming chess content on Twitch in 2016 and created her YouTube channel two years later. She and her sister Andrea now have 1.1 million and 795,000 followers on Instagram, respectively.

They collaborate with other chess streamers on the platforms, like as GM Hikaru Nakamura and WGM Qiyu Zhou, and create a show called BotezLive.

Botez has signed sponsorship deals with brands including, Predator, G Fuel, and Envy Gaming over the years. In fact, the brand intends to grow its ambassador network with diverse gaming content creators by collaborating with Alexandra and her sister.


Botez was honored with a Streamer Award in the category of “Best Chess Streamer” in 2022.

She won $456,900 on a poker live stream hosted by the Hustler Live Casino in May 2022, despite constant berating from popular poker pro Phil Hellmuth.

Botez worked as a chess commentator for a short time before making her way onto the internet. Along with IM Daniel Rensch, IM Anna Rudolf, and GM Robert Hess, she covered two PRO Chess League Finals.

Finally, in 2017, she co-founded CrowdAmp, a social media firm that suspended operations in May 2019.

Alexandra Botez Instagram and Twitter

Currently, Botez possesses 541,000 followers on her Instagram account. To go along with that, the streamer has 376,000 Twitter followers as of 2022. She has an active Facebook page as well.


Botez has worked tirelessly to ensure that chess is no longer controlled by men. In reality, she has stated in several interviews that she has faced sexism on several occasions during her chess career.

Alexandra Botez Net Worth

Alexandra Botez has a net worth of $1 million, which she has accumulated over the last few years. She rose to prominence and attention by using Twitch and YouTube to demonstrate her chess talents in funny ways. Her net worth is expected to rise in the next years, despite the fact that she is only 26 years old.

Alexandra Botez FAQ

How old is Alexandra Botez?

Every year on September 24th, Botez celebrates her birthday. The internet sensation, who was born in 1995, will turn 27 in the fall of 2022.

How tall is Alexandra Botez?

Botez is estimated to be five feet and five inches tall, according to sources. In other terms, she stands about 165 centimeters tall.

Alexandra Botez News

(Alexandra Botez Photo Credit: Twitter/@alexandravbotez)


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