Alice Kinsella Parents: Meet Mark Kinsella and Karen Kinsella

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Alice Kinsella

Mark Kinsella and c are the parents of popular gymnast, Alice Kinsella.

Mark Kinsella

Who is Mark Kinsella? Mark Kinsella is a former Irish footballer and current football manager who is the head coach of Drogheda United.

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Mark Kinsella | Credit: Irish Mirror

Mark Kinsella age

How old is Mark Kinsella? What is Mark Kinsella’s age? Mark Kinsella is 49 years old.

Mark Kinsella birthday

When does Mark Kinsella celebrate his birthday? What is Mark Kinsella’s birthday? Mark Kinsella celebrates his birthday every August 12.

Mark Kinsella date of birth

When was Mark Kinsella born? Mark Kinsella was born on August 12, 1972.

Mark Kinsella children

How many children does Mark Kinsella have? Mark Kinsella has two children; Alice Kinsella and Liam Kinsella.

Karen Kinsella age

How old is Karen Kinsella? What is Karen Kinsella’s age? Karen Kinsella’s age is not known yet.

Karen Kinsella birthday

When does Karen Kinsella celebrate her birthday? Karen Kinsella’s birthday is not known yet.

Karen Kinsella date of birth

When was Karen Kinsella born? Karen Kinsella’s date of birth is not known yet.

Karen Kinsella children

Who are Karen Kinsella’s children? Karen Kinsella has two children; Liam Kinsella and Alice Kinsella.

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