Allister Adel Husband: Who Is David DaNitto? Do They Have Children?

Allister Adel Husband

Allister Adel Husband, David DaNitto, is an American man who is notable for being the husband of Allister Adel, a late Maricopa County Attorney’s Office attorney. David DaNitto and Allister Adel married in 2002 and have been happily married for over two decades.

Allister Adel Husband


David DaNitto is a very private person, and there aren’t many details about him or his work available. David DaNitto is a man in his forties.

Photo credit: OnTrend News

David DaNitto and Allister Adel had two beautiful children together, but their marriage ended with Adel’s death.

“This May we would have celebrated 20 years of marriage,” David DaNitto said in a statement made during Allister Adel’s death. This unimaginable loss has left my family and me completely grieved. We are ecstatic to name Allister our wife and mother.”

“This horrible tragedy has left my family and me terribly upset,” David DaNitto added.


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