Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill: An Ancient Roman Relic Bust Sold For $34.99

Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill

Ancient Roman Bust Goodwill – Laura Young, a Texas woman, turned in a $34.99. 2,000-year-old Roman bust she bought at a Goodwill store four years ago.

Laura Young posted on Instagram in 2018 that she found the historic 52-pound marble treasure at the Far West Goodwill in Austin, Texas. Outside of regular working hours. Young called an auction house after completing some research, and they confirmed the artwork was an original bust.


The bust was identified as belonging to King Ludwig of Bavaria in the 1800s, who placed it in the Pompejanum patio, a copy of a courtyard in Pompeii, Italy. According to the San Antonio Museum of Art, Allied bombers destroyed Aschaffenburg during WWII, demolishing the Pompejanum, and the bust vanished at some point.

Young’s Goodwill finding will be credited to the bust, which will be loaned to the San Antonio Museum of Art for a year. It will thereafter be returned to the German state of Bavaria’s Bavarian Administration of State-Owned Palaces, Gardens, and Lakes.



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