Andrew Symonds Lips: Why Symonds lips are white?

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Andrew Symonds Lips

Andrew Symonds Lips – Because he uses Zinc Cream on his lips, Andre Symonds‘ lips are white. This will help him keep protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

Andrew Symonds Lips: Why Symonds lips are white?

Because cricketers spend so much time on the field and throughout their matches in the blazing sun, zinc cream is required to protect them.

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Andrew Symonds
Image Credit: Cricket.com

Many cricket fans have reservations about the white cream that is frequently applied to the cheeks and lips. Zinc cream is primarily utilized in hotter locations, such as Australia, where Symonds hails.

Also, this cream is not only used by bowlers; battlers use it as well.

Symonds batted in the middle order as a right-handed batsman and bowled medium pace and off-spin. He was also known for his outstanding fielding abilities.

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