Angel names for men and women

Angels are supernatural beings who are shown as God’s messengers and mentors to the people. Angelic names have their own distinct sound and ambiance. Many lovely angel names are still in use in today’s society, and there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Angel names

Many of us might know some of the most popular names of angels. In fact, there are so many of them. These mythical creatures are portrayed with wings and halos and are thought to be bringers of light, which is a good thing if you are searching for a positive and meaningful tag. Some of them, however, do not have such positive associations, as the list of fallen angels indicates.


Male angels and their names

Many of the prominent male angel names come from the Christian faith, even though there are options from other cultures and mythologies. In our list of angels names, you will find both common and rare variants.

  • Gabriel: it is widely known and used in many countries these days. Gabriel is a famous archangel who brought the news of Jesus’ birth.
  • Michael: another archangel and the leader in the war against Satan. Michael means “who is like God.”
  • Raphael: this archangel was known for his healing power and considered to be the patron of doctors, scientists, and travellers.
  • Uriel: the wisest of all archangels. Uriel has a meaning “flame of God” or “light of God.”
  • Samuel: in Jewish mythology, Samuel was known as one of the prophets. Nowadays, it is a popular and prominent option for boys.
  • Raguel: in the Book of Enoch, Raguel was known as the archangel of justice and harmony.
  • Ramiel: this one comes from Arabic and means “thunder of God.” Ramiel represented hope in the Book of Enoch.
  • Hariel: it is a nice alternative to the common variation Harry. Hariel was a symbol of science, arts, and tame animals.
  • Yael: the name is related to a cherub who attended the throne of God. Another alternative is Jael.
  • Castiel: originally, the correct spelling was “Cassiel,” but the option Castiel became prominent because of the popular TV series “Supernatural.” Cassiel represented temperance.

Female angel names

Female angels also have unique and unforgettable names. We will list not only traditional female angel naming options that are derived from mythology but also the ones that were inspired by these magnificent creatures. Some of them are quite unusual and creative.

  • Anaita: this is one of the highest-ranking divine creatures in Zoroastrianism. She is responsible for the fruitfulness and fertility of water and earth.
  • Barbelo: this option came from the Gnostic traditions. She is considered to represent goodness and integrity in the popular lore.
  • Charmeine: she was known as a bringer of harmony. Quite a lot of people nowadays use the variation “Charmaine.”
  • Corinne: it was the name of a fictional character in “Clash of Angels” by Jonathan Daniels.
  • Dina: she is popularly believed to be a symbol of learning. Dina would be a simple yet unique option for a girl.
  • Nefta: this one is a character from Flemish lore. She fell in love with another ethereal being – Azrael, who represented death.
  • Angela: if you want a light, angelic feeling, this is the name you should go for. It has a lot of diminutives, such as Angelica, Angelina, Angelique, etc.
  • Tien: this is the Vietnamese translation for the word “angel,” and is one of the popular options in Vietnam. If you are going for an Asian name, this one is for you.
  • Laila: she is responsible for the protection and overseeing of childbirth. There are other options, such as Leila and Layla, but Laila has a unique vibe to it.
  • Evangeline: this name is English, but it is derived from Greek “eu”, which translates to “well” and “angeles” which has a meaning of “messenger.” Evangeline is a “messenger of good news” and is a very classic and gentle name.

Fallen angels names

There are a lot of fallen angel names for those celestial beings who fell from heaven. Some of them even went against their good nature and became demons. The names of fallen angels might not bring good memories but they are still beautiful and original in their own spooky way.

  • Abaddon: associated with death and destruction.
  • Asmodeus: an archdemon who is one of the evilest former celestial beings.
  • Azazel: this name means “God strengthens.”
  • Beelzebub: in mythology, this being was the “prince of demons.”
  • Bifrons: the fallen heavenly being with this name was a teacher of mathematical arts and appeared as a monster.
  • Dantanian: this creature is a man with multiple faces.
  • Forneus: this mythical creature had the appearance of a sea monster.
  • Gadreel: this name has a meaning “God is my helper.”
  • Leviathon: the person who is connected with deep seas.
  • Lillith: the woman who fell from heaven. She searches for children who she then kidnaps or kills.
  • Lucifer: means “morning star.” In popular culture, this name is often given to Satan.
  • Mephistopheles: this one symbolises a person who destroys and lies. It is known from the legend about Faust, where it was the name of the devil.
  • Phoenix: the meaning of this word is a bird who rises from the flames. It also belonged to one of the fallen beings.
  • Solas: this character has a raven appearance and also has a connection with astronomy.
  • Shax: appears as a stork and steals money from people.

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