50+ fantastic anime names for boys and girls plus their meanings

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Even if you have never watched anime, you will agree that anime names are some of the most unique names in the world. Here are some of the coolest Japanimation names that you can give your child.

anime names

Here are some of the most popular, unique, and cool anime names to give your kids.

What are cute anime names?

These adorable names with deep meanings are used by anime characters. These names, which have sweet sounds, also have spiritual meanings.

What are some cute anime names? Check them out below.

Male anime names

Below are some fantastic male anime names:

  • Masashi: commander or general
  • Michi: a righteous way
  • Natsu: born in summer
  • Katsu: victorious
  • Noburu: to expand
  • Nori: a belief
  • Osamu: discipline or study
  • Raiden: thunder and lightning
  • Michiaki: path, road, or lane
  • Yasu: calm
  • Michio: a man with the strength of three thousand
  • Tatsuya: achievement
  • Mikio: a tree
  • Toshiro: talented or intelligent

If you watch anime, you must have a favorite male character, and maybe you like that character so much that you would be willing to name your child after them.

Below are some of the coolest male anime character names:

  • Dante: refers to the half-human slayer, and it means enduring
  • Levi: powerful
  • Tsubasa Ootori: mysterious and majestic
  • Yahiko: unique
  • Yuichi: kind one
  • Yuuki: gentle hope
  • Toru: persistent or clear
  • Ranmaru: mysterious
  • Rukia: is related to Japan’s favorite Death God
  • Kira: a hero or anti-hero

Listed below are some of the best and most unique anime boy names to use for your newborn baby boy:

  • Arata: new and fresh
  • Dai: great and large
  • Daiki: great help
  • Fumio: scholarly hero
  • Haruo: a man of spring
  • Hideaki: excellent, bright and shinning

Anime names for boys derived from shadows

Here is a list of some of them:

  • Araysh: An overshadower
  • Betzalel: In God’s shadow
  • Blagdan: From the shadowy valley
  • Chaiyn: Krishna’s color of the shadow
  • Devroop: Shadow of God; One who is like God
  • Draven: One who emerges from the shadows; the modern name
  • Druvish: The shadow of Lord Shiva
  • Dunnere: Dark brown colored shadow
  • Erembour: a character from mythology who rides shadows.
  • Erembourc: a French mythological character who rides shadows
  • KageOzul or Kardama: Shadow
  • Melaina or Mohandas: Dusky, dim, dark, and shadowy
  • Mohanjot: The person always covers by shadows, impossible to be seen
  • Niratap: The one who is filled with shades and shadows.
  • Nizhalgal: A shadow that is similar to someone else
  • Tirich: A shadow of darkness, a valley from Mulkow

What are some of the best female anime names?

Anime girl names have lovely meanings.


Below is a list of some anime names for girls with meanings derived from nature:

  • Michiko: a beautiful and wise child
  • Momoe: one hundred blessings
  • Haruhi: a spring day
  • Yuuki: snow
  • Maiko: a child of dance
  • Maki: true hope
  • Mariko: a true village girl
  • Sakura: cherry blossoms
  • Hikari: light
  • Haruka: spring, sunny weather, flower or fragrance
  • Shizuka: means calm, quiet, or flower
  • Himari: the meaning of the sun
  • Sora: the sky
  • Mami: true beauty
  • Manami: means loving and beautiful
  • Mao: dance cherry blossom
  • Ichigo: strawberry

Here is a list of some more cute anime girl names:

  • Akari: light or brightness
  • Ayaka: colorful flowers
  • Kyouko: respectful
  • Emika: a blessed beautiful child
  • Ichika: one thousand flowers
  • Kanna: summer waves
  • Asuka: perfume or fragrance of tomorrow
  • Chiaki: sparkling light
  • Asami: morning beauty
  • Bashira: joyful and a predictor of good news
  • Ayane: wonderful
  • Kiaria: fortunate
  • Misato: beautiful village girl
  • Miyu: one with beautiful connection or kindness
  • Rina: white jasmine
  • Ichigo: strawberry
  • Saika: colorful flower

Cute anime names which are unisex


Have a look at these boy and girl anime names:

  • Kei: blessing, jewel, or square jewel
  • Rin: dignified
  • Akane: brilliant red
  • Makoto: truth or sincerity
  • Hinata: sunflower
  • Shinobu: endurance
  • Hiro: generous
  • Chiharu: clear skies and springs
  • Ren: the love of lotus
  • Sana: brilliant
  • Aoi: holly flower
  • Haruka: distant
  • Akira: clear, brilliant or bright
  • Aoki: an evergreen blue tree

Anime names for colours

Here are some of them:

  • Karatachi: Orange
  • Akaaka: Red
  • Asagi: Yellow
  • Ao: Green
  • Murasaki: Violet
  • Ankari: Light
  • Ankoku: Dark
  • Aoiro: Blue

Anime names with dark meanings

In some Japanese cultures, a newborn baby would be given an ugly, scary, or evil name so that evil spirits would not steal it.

When the child grew up, the name would be changed to a proper one to be used for the rest of their life. Some of these names have been used in some animes for characters with bad intentions or who play an evil role.

Here are some of them for males:

  • Aku: Evil
  • Youkai: Apparition, spirit, phantom
  • Akuma: Demon
  • Yami: Darkness
  • Akui: Malice, spite
  • Namida: Tear
  • Chuuko onera: Old fart
  • Zankoku: Cruelty, brutality
  • Satsujin: Murder
  • Shi: Death
  • Nikushimi: Hatred

Here are some female anime names with dark meanings:

  • Chi: Blood
  • Kei: Rapture or Reverence
  • Kuro: Black
  • Yumiko: Archery bow child
  • Tora: a tiger
  • Leiko: Arrogant
  • Koumori: Bat
  • Sumiko: Charcoal
  • Tanaka: Dweller
  • Sayomi: Night-born
  • Kasai: Fire
  • Shuurai: Lightning
  • Shinji: Illusions
  • Ookami: Wolf
  • Kitsune: Fox
  • Kietsu: Ghost
  • Toshiko: Alert child
  • Tsukiko: Moon child
  • KumoriAnei or Bikou: Shadow
  • Shizuko: Quiet child
  • Rin: Cold
  • Usagi: Moon
  • Yoi: Evening or night
  • Amaya: Night rain

Which of these anime names did you find interesting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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