Annette Schnatter Biography; Net Worth, Age, House, Death And Husband

Annette Schnatter

Annette Schnatter is an American businesswoman, best known as the ex-wife of Papa John’s Pizza founder, John Schnatter.

Annette Schnatter was born on February 11, 1960. Details about Annette Schnatter’s parents, siblings (if any), early childhood and education are not yet known.


Annette Schnatter Husband

Annette and John Schnatter Image Credit: TMZ

Annette Schnatter was married to Papa John’s Pizza founder, John Schnatter. Their children are; Kristine, Beau and Danielle Schnatter.

However, after 32 years of marriage (in 2019), Annette Schnatter filed for divorce from John Schnatter.

Annette Schnatter and John Schnatter got married on April 11, 1987, and separated on April 1, 2019.

In filing the divorce papers, Annette Schnatter described her relationship with John Schnatter as “irretrievably broken”.

Annette Schnatter Net Worth

Annette and John Schnatter have a combined net worth of over $500 million.

Annette Schnatter House

The Schnatter Mansion in Louisville Image Credit:

Annette and John Schnatter own multiple houses, including the most expensive home in Louisville – a $11million mansion.

Annette and John Schnatter also own a $23million condo in Deer Valley, Utah, and a $6million condo in Naples, Florida.

Annette Schnatter Death

Annette Schnatter is not dead but since her divorce from John Schnatter, she has gone a bit under the radar.


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