As your friend, I can sleep with your man — Phyna to Amaka; Netizens react (Video)


One of the housemates of the BBNaija season 7 show, Phyna, speaks about sharing her friend’s lover without regrets.

During chitchat on Sunday afternoon, Phyna spoke about having a talk with Amaka who had a thing for Groovy.


Pressing on, Phyna regarded herself as a single lady while stating that if Groovy was dating Amaka, it would not have been a problem to share him.

“I don’t see it as anything. Even f*ck be like handshake, as my friend I fit f*ck your guy if you no do again…I tell Amaka say as her friend make me and her dey share Groovy,” she said in part.

The statement, however, met many viewers by surprise; aside from tagging it as shameful, others condemned the housemate for being too outspoken.

“That statement got me shocked badly. the only ones who would come out to defend this girl are the ones who didn’t watch this part, or probably they have the same attitude as her…

Nobody is a saint but as a lady you shouldn’t open your mouth to say such on national tv. if guys starts chopping her and dropping her like bad habit after the show, then she would think it’s her village people not knowing she created the impression already…

Who no like osho free before? Chop and clean mouth 😁,” a concerned fan wrote.

Watch the video below …


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