Barry Cryer Children: Meet Bob Cryer, Jackie Cryer, Tony Cryer, And Dave Cryer

Barry Cryer was an English writer, comedian, and actor who contributed to a number of television series and programmes as a writer. Bobby Cryer authored a number of episodes for the “Doctor in the House” television comedy series.

Barry Cryer was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to Carl and Jean Cryer, and he had a brother named John Cryer. “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” is a piece by Barry Cryer that is well-known.


Barry Cryer
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In a six-decade marriage, Barry Cryer married Theresa Donovan and they produced four children: Bob Cryer, Jackie Cryer, Tony Cryer, and Dave Cryer.

Bob Cryer is an English actor and writer who majored in English and Theatre at university. In the drama series Hollyoaks, Bob played Glenn Donovan.

Bob Cryer
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Jackie Cryer is a choir leader and former performer from England. Barry Cryer’s lone child, Jackie, is his only child.

Tony Cryer is an English professor who has aided and assisted in the making of a number of television films.

Dave Cryer is interested in computers.


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