#BBNaija: ‘Toxicity won’t win this season’ – Mercy Eke reacts to CeeC’s face-off with Pere

Mercy Eke


Mercy Eke, a participant in BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars edition, has shared her thoughts on the clash between CeeC and another housemate, Pere.

The disagreement arose due to differences regarding house chores.

#BBNaija: ‘Toxicity won’t win this season’ – Mercy Eke reacts to CeeC’s face-off with Pere
BBNaija Star, Mercy Eke

Pere and Ceec typically handle cleaning the dining area each morning. However, on this particular morning, CeeC expressed disinterest and mentioned doing it later.

The housemates were displeased, especially Adekunle, who suggested CeeC should fulfill her responsibilities. He questioned what would occur if everyone neglected their duties, leading to a dirty house.

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Pere offered to take on the task alone, and the other housemates present agreed not to escalate the issue. They asked Ike to communicate the importance of completing chores when scheduled.

Ike approached CeeC and informed her that the housemates weren’t pleased with her leaving during the meeting. CeeC became upset, directing harsh words at both the housemates and Pere.

#BBNaija: ‘Toxicity won’t win this season’ – Mercy Eke reacts to CeeC’s face-off with Pere
CeeC and Pere

In her defense, she pointed out that Angel, Alex, and Mercy had also missed the meeting. She found it unfair to be singled out.

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Pere stepped outside to do his laundry, and CeeC confronted him again.

During the argument, CeeC insulted Pere, his parents, and his grandparents, even labeling him a coward.

A few minutes later, Mercy Eke, another housemate, expressed her opinion.

She said, “They say they don’t want to do chores so it can cause issues. They pick on it and shout, then create toxicity. Toxicity will not win this season, it’s scratching them to be angry, to be mad and fight the whole universe. It’s not going to work this All Stars.”


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