Bob Goalby Wife: Who Is Bob Goalby’s Partner George Bayer?

Bob Goalby

Bob Goalby Wife – Sarah Goalby is the wife of golf legend Bob Goalby. Sarah Goalby rose to fame after her marriage to the golf star Bob Goalby.

Much is not known about Sarah Goalby. However, her husband Bob Goalby was an American professional golfer.


Bob Goalby Wife

Bob Goalby won the Masters Tournament in 1968, after Roberto De Vicenzo notably made an error on his scorecard. That Masters Tournament was Bob Goalby’s lone major championship among 11 Tour wins achieved between 1958 and 1971

Bob Goalby (image via: The Sun)

At the 1968 Masters, Bob Goalby tied Roberto De Vicenzo at the end of 72 holes of regulation play, and would have had to face an 18-hole playoff the next day, had there not been a mistake on DeVicenzo’s scorecard.

In the final round, DeVicenzo’s playing partner Tommy Aaron marked a par-4 on the 17th hole, when DeVicenzo had in fact made a birdie-3. DeVicenzo failed to catch the mistake and signed the scorecard, ‘gifting’ Bob Goalby the championship.

Who Is Bob Goalby’s Partner George Bayer?

George Bayer was the golf partner of Bob Goalby.

George Bayer was an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour and the Senior PGA Tour.

George Bayer suffered a fatal heart attack in 2003 at home in Palm Springs, California while dining with his wife, golfer Bob Goalby and his wife Sarah Goalby.

George Bayer died on March 16, 2003. Bob Goalby Wife


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