They are all useless people looking for money – Bobrisky lambasts fans that tattooed him on their body

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bobrisky fans tattoo

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Idris ”Bobrisky” Okuneye, has thrown a huge jab at “fake fans” who tattooed his name and face on their body, just so they could get money from him.

The celebrity transvestite made headlines for several weeks over his benevolence to fans got each got tattoos of him to show their love.

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However, Oye Kyme, an Ivoirian lady he adopted and house after she drew a tattoo of him recently called him out for domestic violence and false promises.

lady bobrisky tattoo

Bobrisky also fell out with another young man whom alongside his aged grandmother, was flown to Lagos to meet the Lagos-based ”big girl”.

bobrisky fan tattoo

Reacting via a Live video, Bob, said he was warned when he tried to help the ‘ungrateful’ people, but he didn’t listen.

He stressed that most of them joined the tattoo frenzy simply for monetary gains.

In his words; ”A lot of people… many of those that drew a Bobrisky tattoo, only did it for the money.

Many of them, Oloriburuku, useless people, you don’t have mother in the house that you will draw a tattoo for her instead.

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