Boris Becker Jailed For 2.5 Years After 2017 Bankruptcy

Boris Becker, a tennis player, has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for concealing millions of pounds when he went bankrupt in 2017.

The 54-year-old three-time Wimbledon champion and BBC analyst was found guilty of breaking insolvency laws by concealing more than £2.5 million in cash, shares, and property.


Becker appeared worn and melancholy as he was carried down to the cells at London’s Southwark Crown Court this afternoon, dressed in a green and purple Wimbledon tie, a grey suit, and black Puma trainers.

Boris Becker Jailed For 2.5 Years After 2017 Bankruptcy

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“The requirement was on you to disclose these assets, but you did not,” Judge Deborah Taylor said as she sentenced him.

“I am aware of your fall from grace. You’ve lost your job, your reputation, and all of your assets.

“You, on the other hand, have showed no sorrow.”

Becker was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for removing property, as well as 18 months each on three other counts of failing to disclose assets, all of which will run concurrently.

He will serve about 15 months of his sentence, which is half of his whole sentence.

Becker spoke simply to confirm his identity at his sentence hearing Tuesday, clutching a Puma duffle bag filled with clothes and possessions for his term behind bars.

Becker “moved money and property fast before it could be publicized or discovered,” according to prosecutor Rebecca Chalkley, after he was declared bankrupt.

On June 21, 2017, the former world number one was declared bankrupt due to an unpaid loan of more than £3 million on his Majorcan estate.

He claimed he had acted on expert advice and had complied with trustees tasked with preserving his assets, even offering up his wedding ring.


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