Cause Of Death For Tim Byrd

Tim Byrd

Tim Byrd’s Death Cause, Tim Byrd, a Palm Beach County radio legend known as “The Byrdman,” died at his home on Thursday morning (Jan. 27, 2022).

Tim Byrd was a larger-than-life personality, according to Jodi Stewart, Tim Byrd’s program director at Kool 105.5 in West Palm Beach.


Tim Byrd Cause Of Death

Tim Byrd was praised by Jodi Stewart;

“He had a personality that was larger than life. He was a longstanding respected radio announcer, so he was very energetic.”

Tim Byrd aspired to be a “big city radio and TV personality” as a child, and he succeeded spectacularly.

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Radio’s legendary Broadway Bill Lee who also worked with Tim Byrd had this to say;

“Tim would always go that extra mile to really listen to people and find out not only what they’re trying to say, but how much they really appreciate it and what we were doing on the radio,”

Tim Byrd’s cause of death is pneumonia.

Tim Byrd was 68 years at the time of death, and he left behind his wife, Sally. Tim Byrd and Sally had been married for 19 years.



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