Christie Mac Campo Biography And Net Worth

Christie Mac Campo

A famous American actor who enjoys horror films, Bobby Campo is married to Christie Mac Campo. Christie Mac Campo is a well-known hair model and the Cocre8 organization’s brand ambassador. It is a non-profit organization with the mission of encouraging salon workers to be more imaginative by offering a distinctive viewpoint on hair as a component of arts and crafts.

Christie Mac Campo is another poet that uplifts readers with her moving verses. In 2015, she married American actor Bobby Campo, who is well-known for his horror films. The pair has been successful in avoiding media encroachment because they value their privacy.


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Although Bobby Campo, Christie Mac Campo’s husband, is 37 years old, Christie Mac Campo is thought to be in her mid-thirties. After five years of marriage, the couple is without children. They have taken in a puppy named Reagan and a cat named Remy.

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Christie Mac Campo Net Worth

Christie Mac Campo is a model and hairstylist. Her net worth is estimated at $20 million. This is because her net worth is not estimated as well as her salary but her husband, Bobby Campo net worth is $20 million. Since they have no children, she shares her husband’s net worth.


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