My father is proud of me for not coming back home with pregnancy – Nancy Isime

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Nancy Isime

Nigerian media personality cum actress Nancy Isime has revealed that she made her father proud by not having a child out of wedlock.

She stated this while fielding questions on Tea with Taymesan podcast, where she also spoke on how she has been able to stay away from controversy.

Nancy said; “I don’t find trouble attractive. I don’t find drama attractive. I am true to myself. I am someone who is just focused on work, focused on her goals and things she has to do, rather than being focused on causing pain for others”.

Speaking on her career and how she broke into the entertainment scene, the Nollywood star said: “I started working when I was 17, I have learnt. I am an old soul. I listen to people, I learn from them It doesn’t mean I don’t have my own mistakes. When I speak like this, it comes from a place of wisdom, it does not come from a place of perfection.

I don’t go to where I don’t need to be, I am literally just at work. I am very anxious person so being in social gatherings doesn’t do well for my mental health. When I am working it’s different, because it’s something I love doing.

I am a shy person people don’t know. My job has taught me to put the shyness by the side. When you see me publicly, I walk with my head down, so I pass through a lot of people. I did my father proud by not showing back home pregnant.

I have said it a lot of times, I am not from a rich home.I had to tell my dad to chill, that I will pay my way out of school”.

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