Copenhagen Mall Shooting Suspect: Who Is Noah Esbensen?

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Copenhagen Mall Shooting Suspect

Copenhagen Mall Shooting Suspect – Three people died and three others received significant injuries when a Danish man, age 22, opened fire inside a Copenhagen, Denmark, shopping center on July 3, 2022.

Denmark as a nation and Copenhagen last saw a mass shooting in 2015.

However, this one, which took place on July 3, 2022, is thought to have been the bloodiest shooting in Danish history.

The event took place in Copenhagen’s Restad, a developing area on Amager, at the Field’s shopping mall.

Copenhagen Mall Shooting Suspect: Who Is Noah Esbensen?

A man carrying a hunting rifle entered the mall before 5:30 p.m.

The suspect was dressed in knee-length shorts and either a vest or sleeveless top. Police received the initial reports of a gunshot at 5:37 p.m.; 11 minutes later, a man named Noah Esbensen was taken into custody.

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Noah Esbensen apprehended by the police, image via: Twitter

Who Is Noah Esbensen?

Noah Esbensen has been reportedly identified as the suspect involved in the mass shooting

The suspect had a YouTube channel named Noah Esbensen, which has been taken down.

According to The Daily Mail, Esbensen recently uploaded a number of videos to YouTube, with a particularly striking video, titled “I Don’t Care,” showing the shooter holding a gun to his head.

Most notably, Noah Taarup Esbensen has been identified to be associated with Stram Kurs.

What is Stram Klurs?

Stram Kurs (which means Hard Line) is a far-right political party in Denmark founded in 2017 by Danish lawyer Rasmus Paludan.

The party is almost exclusively associated with its founder and his anti-Islam activism and demonstrations.

The party was on the ballot in the 2019 Danish general election, where it gained 1.8% of the votes, below the 2% election threshold.

The party’s philosophical foundation is “ethno-nationalist utilitarianism”, described as maximizing the “greatest happiness for the greatest number of ethnic Danes”.

This platform is developed in two political pillars.

First, an “identitarian” or ethno-nationalist pillar which focuses on protecting and increasing the “ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic, and normative homogeneity” of Denmark.

Second, a right-libertarian pillar which envisions a radical increase in individual liberty and rights, once the ethnic homogeneity of the country has been “restored” through the banning of Islam and massive deportations.

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