Creator Clash Results

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Creator Clash

Creator Clash, a boxing event, has been extremely exciting, especially since it is the first of its kind.

To begin the evening, we got to see Matt Watson (167K fans) take on Father (337K supporters). Dad got a quick TKO victory over Watson in just 30 seconds.

Creator Clash Results

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Next up is Ryan Magee of SuperMega (956K followers) vs. Alex Ernst (1.44M supporters). Alex, with his big crashing hit, dominated the majority of the activity in this hard-fought battle. Alex Ernst was eventually declared the winner by a unanimous vote.

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Photo Credit: YouTube

Erik of The Internet Comment Etiquette takes on DJ Welch in a heavyweight battle. DJ pursued Erik throughout the fight, getting a quick knockdown in the first round, forcing him to take a knee in the second, and Erik’s side throwing in the towel after the second round.

Finally, iDubbbzTV and Doctor Mike ended the show in the Cruiserweight main event.

Throughout the first round, Doctor Mike set the pace and was closing in on him as the round came to a close.

With sheer resolve, iDubbbz won the final round. He finished the fight, exhausted, and continued to punch.

Doctor Mike eventually received unanimous scores of 50-45, 50-45, and 49-46 from the judges.

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