Deborah James Husband: Who Is Sebastien Bowen?

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Deborah James Husband

Deborah James Husband – Deborah James is a British journalist who is married to Sebastian Bowen and has two children.

Deborah James Husband: Who Is Sebastien Bowen?

Sebastien Bowen is a banker with a lot of experience. Pomona Capital, London’s leading financial institution, is where he works.

He was also a former MetLife Investments Director.

Bowen attended St Paul’s School for his secondary school education and the University of Edinburgh for his master’s degree.

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Deborah James
Image Credits: Instagram

Bowen and James have been married for thirteen years. James posted a video of them dancing in the South of France on Instagram at their 13th wedding anniversary in 2021.

“I’ve been married for 13 years. My Rock.

“Earlier this week, we celebrated our wedding anniversary. The weight of what it signifies in an uncertain future can be overwhelming on certain days,” she wrote.

When Was Deborah James Born?

James was born in London and schooled in Salesian School, Chertsey, later proceeded to study economics at the University of Exeter.

James is currently battling bowel cancer.

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