DeVon Minters : Facts About Karrueche Tran’s Father

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DeVon Minters
Photo credit: familytron.com

DeVon Minters is a Jamaican-American man who is best known as the father of the beautiful model and ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran. Although his exact age is unknown, the father of the celebrity model is believed to be in his mid-50s. His towers at 5 feet 8 and weigh 65kg.

Devon Minters stiest
Photo credit: familytron.com

Facts About DeVon Minters

Devon Minters separated from Karrueche’s mom, Cindy Adamson(a Vietnamese-American), shortly after the model was born. According to Ms. Tran, she discovered that her biological father, DeVon, was gay in her middle school years. It is safely assumed that that is one of the reasons her parents got separated.

He has a very close relationship with Kerruche Tran despite the separation from her mom. Paparazzi have caught the pair, on occasion, having dinner at lavish restaurants. At any rate, the only picture that can be found on his only known social media account (Instagram @devonminters ) is of him and Kerruche Trans.

Apart from this, it seems that DeVon Minters has chosen to live a seriously private life. There is no known public information about him.

DeVon Minters : Facts About Karrueche Tran’s Father

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