Does Jack Wagner have a daughter? When did Jack Wagner find out he had a daughter?

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Jack Wagner

Kerry Wagner is the daughter of American actor Jack Wagner. Among his children, she is his only daughter. Peter Wagner and Harrison Wagner are Kerry’s other brothers (deceased).

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Jack Wagner and daughter – Credit: AmoMama

When did Jack Wagner find out he had a daughter?

In 2011, Jack Wagner learned that he has a daughter. He had a brief affair in the 1980s with a woman who called to tell him they had a baby daughter in 1988, according to reports. The mom, on the other hand, is said to have stated that she had placed the infant for adoption. It was not so fruitful after several back-and-forths with his lawyer attempting to discover ways to acquire her.

A young girl appeared to Jack Wagner’s home in November 2011, after he had divorced and had two sons, and informed him she was his daughter. It was discovered that she was actually his daughter after many DNA tests.

She did come into my life in that very unusual way, she went on the cruise with me. We spent five days together getting to know each other and connecting. And we did a DNA test and she is my daughter. And it’s a real blessing, it’s been a real gift for me,” he said in an interview.


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