Doyin called me dark horse after seeing me naked – Pere



Pere, a Big Brother Naija contestant, stated that Doyin once referred to him as a dark horse after seeing him naked in the shower.

Pere made this disclosure to housemate Neo during a conversation on Friday after his altercation with Doyin. He insisted that Doyin would not have made such a statement if he wasn’t “shinning teeth” at her.

Doyin called me dark horse after seeing me naked – Pere
Pere, BBNaiha housemate. Source: Google

He said: “I was showering and Doyin was standing there and that was when she started calling me ‘Dark Horse’.

“Then she asked why am I so dumb; can’t I see Kim is now with Cross? dah dah. I told her Kim is not with Cross, they are just friends.

“If I came in with the energy from my season (Shine Ya Eyes Season 6, 2021) most of them wouldn’t have the balls to even talk to me.

“That prick, Doyin walked in on me while having my shower, stark naked; stood there, and was shouting ‘Dark Horse’.


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