Drew Grant biography: What is Ari Melber’s ex-wife known for?

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Drew Grant is a 48-year-old journalist who has worked for various print and online publications. She was married to popular MSNBC host Ari Melber. Here is all you need to know about her.

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Drew Grant is a journalist who has worked for The New York Post, The New York Times, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and more. She is also famous for being the ex-wife of Ari Melber, the popular MSNBC host.

Profile summary

  • Name: Drew Grant
  • Age: 48 years
  • Date of birth: May 25, 1972
  • Place of birth: Park Slope, New York City
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Sibling: Hannah Grace (sister)
  • Relationship status: In a relationship with Richard Alexander
  • Occupation: Journalist
  • Net worth: $500 thousand

Drew Grant bio

Drew was born in New York City on May 25, 1972, but she grew up in Delaware, and she has a sister named Hannah Grace.

How old is Drew Grant? Currently, Grant’s age is 48 years.


Grant attended Oberlin College and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English Language and Literature.

Career summary

Drew has been working in media since 2007. She began her career in media as a pop culture editorial assistant at, a sister site of Huffington Post.

She worked for for over a year before joining Jossip Initiatives as an editor. She worked at Jossip Initiatives from August 2008 to May 2009 and joined Nerve in April 2009.

Grant joined at about the same time she started blogging for NerveCrushable was formerly an online news outlet that exclusively reported on pop culture, but it later changed its name to Alloy and became an online magazine for women.

In February 2011, Grant became a pop culture writer at Salon Media Group. Grant worked at the company’s New York office. She worked for Salon for seven months.

In September 2011, the talented journalist joined The New York Observer as a staff writer and rose through the ranks to become the arts and entertainment editor

She also set up the now-defunct blog named tvDownload, where she posted reviews of episodes of different television shows and series. The blog was active until 2015.

Drew Grant New York Observer career lasted almost six years. She left the publication in 2017 and moved to Los Angeles in November 2017 to take the role of Managing Editor for RealClear Media Group. She worked there until April 2018.

She began working at Ranker in May 2018. At the same time, she worked for six months as a writer for Forbes.

She is also a well-known freelance writer, editor, and critic and has contributed to various fashion and entertainment news outlets, including Cosmopolitan, Forbes, AV Club, Maxim, The Toast, Jezebel, and Bunny Ears.

Drew Grant has also hosted several pop culture podcasts such as PodDamnAmericaMovie Trivia Schmoedown, and Hypecast, where she is known as Videodrew.

In addition to being a great journalist, Drew is a brilliant fiction writer. She began writing fiction while working at She has written fiction about well-known actors such as James Franco and Charlie Sheen.

One of Drew’s most prominent fiction pieces is a piece about Bret Easton. She received great reviews for this piece. One such review is from Keith Staskeiwicz of Entertainment Weekly, who tweeted that Drew’s piece was “brilliant” and “an impressive parody…approaching art”.

Grant is also a satirist. Some of her work includes Alec Baldwin Launch His Mayoral Campaign, and a fanfiction series “Baby-Sitters’ Club’ by Bret Easton Ellis.

Before Drew began working as a freelance writer, she worked as a Senior Editor at Collider till December 2018.

Drew currently works as an on-air personality for Movie Trivia Schmoedown and as an Entertainment Consultant using the name Videodrew.

She has one acting credit for her role in an episode of Law and Order: Special Victim Units.

Dating history and marriage

Drew Grant is currently in a relationship with photographer Richard Alexander. The two began dating in 2017 after she got divorced from her husband of three years, Ari Melber.

The Drew Grant Ari Melber relationship began not long after they met at a social event in 2010. Emmy award-winning journalist Ari Melber and Drew Grant dated for some years before getting married.

In 2014, Drew walked down the aisle to become Ari Melber wife. However, their marriage ended in 2017.

Drew Grant net worth

Grant’s net worth is estimated at $500,000, while her former husband has a net worth of $4 million.

Social media presence

For fans of the journalist who have been searching for Drew Grant photos, her social media page is a good platform to get these photos. The journalist is on Twitter as @videodrew.

Drew Grant is a talented journalist who has worked with some of the biggest publications in the world, including Forbes, The New York Observer, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and more. She got married to Ari Melber in 2014, but they divorced three years later. She is currently in a relationship with a man named Richard Alexander. recently reported that a man believed to be the secret son of the late iconic actor Patrick Swayze has been found after decades. The alleged son is named Jason Whittle, and he was born in 1973.

Jason Whittle was allegedly conceived during a one-night stand between his mother, Bonnie Kay, and then-20-year-old Swayze in the early 1970s. Bonnie passed away from cancer in 2012, but not before telling Jason the truth about his father.

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