Emma Clapham Hawkins Biography, Age, Wiki, Net worth, Husband

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Emma Clapham Hawkins BiographyEmma Clapham Hawkins Biography

Emma Clapham is a well-known Australian entrepreneur and the wife of professional footballer Tom Hawkins. Emma Clapham is the creator of Who Loves That, a lifestyle and interiors blog.

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Name Emma Clapham Hawkins
Age 30+
Net worth $1 million
Husband Tom Hawkins
Gender Female
Profession/Occupation Entrepreneur
Education Monash University
Nationality Australian

Emma Clapham Hawkins Education

From 2001 through 2006, Emma Clapham Hawkins attended Melbourne Girl’s Grammar School. She went on to Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, to pursue a degree in Media Communications, with a focus on Communication and Media Studies / Criminology. She received her diploma in 2010.

Emma Clapham Hawkins Career

Emma Clapham Hawkins began her career with ACP Magazines as a Food, Wine, Travel, and Home account manager. Before starting her own company, Who Loves That, she worked for a number of other magazines and media companies.

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The statement of her company Who Loves That reads,

Who is it that loves you? There’s something for everyone on that lifestyle destination website. We represent a lifestyle that is both inspiring and accessible.

We tackle Social Media with the same distinctive blend of inventiveness and practicality that we use to all of our other projects. Our site brings dreamlike ideas to life with easy-to-follow instructions for achieving a whimsical look. With an eclectic mix of venue styling, interior inspiration, DIY activities, entertaining ideas, and conversations with likeminded lifestyle superstars, there’s something for everyone.

Who Loves That feeds our insatiable desire for self-improvement and offers followers a sense of escapism through daily inspiration for a livable and great living.

Our own online store was recently opened. Providing our customers with a single lifestyle destination where they can read and shop.

She also works for Woolmark, an Australian wool innovation company, on short-term marketing contracts. Between fashion launches, exhibition openings, and big sporting events like horse racing, polo, and tennis, she mingles with celebrities and athletes at Melbourne’s most elite social events.

Emma Clapham Hawkins Husband

Tom Hawkins is the husband of Emma Clapham Hawkins. Tom Hawkins (born July 21, 1988) is an Australian professional footballer. He is a member of the Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).

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The pair celebrated their ten-year wedding anniversary in 2016. Tom posted an old photo of the two on Instagram with the caption:

“I can’t wait to be with you for the rest of my life.”

“I don’t think much will change after we get married after 10 years together,” Emma says.

“I suppose, at the end of the day, we’ve actually grown up together, which is quite unique and special.

“We were able to do so because we assist one another in every way and, at the end of the day, we are partners.

“We always manage to handle everything together, in good times and bad, and it just works.

“Every single day, he makes me happy.”

Weddings, especially those in the spotlight like Emma’s, are fraught with talk about starting a family.

While the new aunty admits to being charmed with her niece Victoria, she believes having children of her own is a long way off.

“I was clucky,” she admits, “but having a baby looked like a lot of work.”

“When she was initially born, I spent a lot of time with her, so I observed a lot of what goes on. I suppose I’ll simply concentrate on Victoria for a while.”

Emma Clapham Hawkins Net worth

Emma Clapham Hawkins’ net worth is believed to be $1 million. Her husband is a professional AFL footballer who earns around $600,000.

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