Fancy Acholonu Clears The Air On Her Choice Of Words While Announcing Her Separation From Alex Ekubo

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Fancy Acholonu clears the air

Fancy Acholonu clears the air: The former fiancée of actor Alex Ekubo, Fancy Acholonu, expressed regret on social media for the language she used to break up with him.

Fancy Acholonu clears the air

You might remember that in April of last year, Alex romantically proposed to Fancy, and they both announced their engagement online.

Fancy Acholonu clears the air

The former love birds also announced the date for their wedding. The traditional wedding was scheduled to take place on November 20, 2021, in Imo state, and the white wedding was to take place in Lagos state on November 27, 2021.

However, Fancy broke the internet when she announced that she has ended her relationship with the actor and would not be proceeding with the wedding.

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“Hey guys I am writing to inform you all officially that I have ended my relationship and I have called off the wedding with Alex Ekubo,” she wrote part.

However, she insisted that she had chosen the best choice for herself because “it is crucial that everyone finds their happiness and live in their truth,” even though she acknowledged that the news would come as a shock to many.

Many took it to indicate that Alex was being told to “live his truth” since he is a closeted gay man.

Fancy has since come forward to clarify that her speech was misunderstood by the public and to reveal her actual intentions. Fancy Acholonu clears the air

Fancy said Alex has apologized for his conduct, and she has also apologized for her response, however she wouldn’t say what caused their breakup.

Check out the statement she made below.Fancy Acholonu clears the air

Fancy Acholonu clears the air


Fancy Acholonu clears the air

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