Francine Valli: Facts about Frankie Valli’s Daughter. How did we loose her?

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The music world is filled with all sorts of artists but are they any good? That’s up to you. However, one artist, Frankie Valli shattered the Billboard charts in the late part of the 20th century and even spilled over to the 21st. Then again, that’s not why you are here. Meet Francine Valli, the late daughter to the musical genius. While her death may have shortened her time on earth, we’re here to bring you known facts about her.

Francine Valli Short Biography and Family, Father Frankie Valli

Francine Castelluccio was born in 1960 to her parents Frankie and the late Mary Delgado Valli. The exact date and month of her birth is unknown and bringing it up now would just be opening old wounds. Mrs. Delgado passed away on April 28th, 2007 at the Saint Barnabas Medical Centre in Livingston, New Jersey.

Growing up in their household was pretty much exciting. After all, she had a superstar as a father. Moreover, she had many siblings whom she not only played with but also looked up to while growing. Mary and her husband got married in 1958 with her daughter Celia, from her previous marriage. Together they lived happily for over a decade with their two daughters, Antonia and her late sister before their divorce in 1971.

Francine Valli
Francine Valli with her father, Frankie Valli

Valli’s daughter died before she saw the rest of her stepsiblings. She did, however, see her new stepmom, Mary Ann Hannigan who became the second Mrs. Valli in 1974. The couple got divorced in 1982 with the singer marrying for the third time to Randy Clohessy. They had three sons, Francesco, Emilio and Brando before separating in 2004.

Francine Valli fact check and Cause of Death

Nothing is sadder than having to bury your kids. People say that the offspring are supposed to outlive their parents and instead cremate them, bury or whatever choice tickles their fancy.

In many interviews, the Jersey Boys lead singer has always shared the pain of having to lose part of his family. The first blow to the heart was losing his adopted daughter Celia Sabin Shelleck through a freak accident. She had just come home to her apartment in New York and found herself locked out. Climbing the fire escape while trying to get in proved disastrous as she slipped, fell and plummeted to her death.

francine valli daughter of frankie valli
Caption: Frankie Valli’s daughter’s picture along with Francine Valli

The family was still grieving when six months later another tragedy struck again. Francine died of drug overdose on August 16th, 1980. Even though the internet was in its early stages of development, rumors and speculations found other means of spreading.

There were ideas that she had committed suicide while coping with her sister’s loss. However, the autopsy report revealed that she had suffered complications after mixing alcohol and Quaaludes: sedatives and hypnotic drugs. And the bad news is that she died of Pneumonia.

It was no secret that her parents were already aware of her drug-related tendencies. To straighten her life, they took her to a rehabilitation center. In an interview, they revealed she grew up so fast experimenting with alcohol and drugs at quite a young age. She was a student at age 20 when she succumbed to death.

The saddest part of it all was that she had prospects following her dad’s footsteps in singing. The Jersey Boy vocalist couldn’t be any prouder of this. She would have been roughly 58 years this year if another empty bottle hadn’t taken a life. The deceased got buried at Glendale Cemetery, Essex County, New Jersey.

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