FULL STOP: What does full stop punctuation mean?

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FULL STOP a mark of punctuation It is used for a variety of purposes, the most common of which is to indicate the end of a declarative phrase; this usage alone defines the strictest sense of full stop.

It is known as a point in Anglophone countries and is used for the decimal point and other uses. It’s known as a dot in computing.

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Is full stop one word?

A full stop is used after some abbreviations. Though two full stops might be expected, conventionally only one is written.

What is a full stop and its uses?

A full stop is primarily used to mark the end of a sentence. The main issue with them in academic writing is that many students do not use them enough.

Do initials have a full stop at the end?

A person’s initials are a kind of abbreviation, and these are usually followed by full stops: John D. Rockefeller, C. Aubrey Smith, O. J. Simpson. Increasingly, however, there is a tendency to write such initials without full stops: John D Rockefeller, C Aubrey Smith, O J Simpson.

Is a full stop a symbol?

A full stop is a punctuation mark and a symbol.

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