Gabriel Iglesias: Exploring His Relationship Status and Partnerships

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias, a highly acclaimed stand-up comedian and actor hailing from the United States, is widely celebrated for his numerous stand-up specials. Given his prominent status in the entertainment industry, there is a natural curiosity about his personal life, particularly concerning his marital status and past relationships.

Gabriel Iglesias embarked on his career as a comedian in 1997, and his distinct comedic style has propelled him to become one of America’s most accomplished stand-up comedians. In addition to his comedy success, he has made notable appearances in various television shows and films, including ‘Magic Mike XXL‘ and ‘The Book of Life.’

However, the burning question remains: Is Fluffy, as he is affectionately known, married? His personal life has been a subject of interest among fans, who eagerly seek answers about his marital status.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel Jesús Iglesias, widely known as Fluffy, entered this world on July 15, 1976, in San Diego, California, United States, to Esther P. Mendez and Jesús Iglesias. Within Gabriel Iglesias’ family circle, he is one of five siblings, comprising four older sisters and a brother.

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During his formative years, his parents went their separate ways, resulting in him being raised solely by his mother. The renowned comedian spent his upbringing alongside his siblings, with residencies in Riverside, Corona, Santa Ana, and Compton. Subsequently, he relocated to Section 8 low-income housing in Long Beach. Unfortunately, the loss of his mother occurred on May 1, 2012.

Does Gabriel Iglesias have a wife?

Who is Gabriel Iglesias’ spouse? The American comedian has never tied the knot in matrimony. He has maintained a discreet stance regarding his personal life, fueling curiosity among his fans who speculate about his romantic involvements. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that he has been in a single enduring relationship.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias’ girlfriend?

Gabriel Iglesias: Exploring His Relationship Status and Partnerships
Claudia Valdez and Gabriel attend A Wish for Animals benefit at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Michael Schwartz
Source: Getty Images

The well-known comedian is currently believed to be unattached. Nevertheless, in the past, he was romantically involved with Claudia Valdez, an American actress renowned for her roles in films like ‘On the Road,’ ‘The Legend of Zorro,’ and ‘Troy.’

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The former couple initially crossed paths on the set of the movie ‘Make A Wish’ in 2008, and their relationship developed over time. They cohabited in Whittier, California, United States, for nearly 12 years before going their separate ways in June 2020.

The specific reasons for their separation were not disclosed publicly. What is known is that in 2020, the comedian openly acknowledged his struggles with depression and alcoholism, behaviors that had taken a toll on his family.

In 2008, when the ex-couple moved in together, Gabriel Iglesias adopted Frankie Iglesias. Frankie gained prominence in 2013 with a guest appearance on Gabriel’s television show, ‘Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution.’ Although the romantic relationship has ended, the renowned actor continues to maintain a strong bond with his adopted son.


  1. Who is Gabriel Iglesias? He is an American stand-up comedian and actor.
  2. Where is Gabriel Iglesias from? He was born in San Diego, California, United States of America.
  3. How old is Gabriel Iglesias? He is 46 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1976.
  4. Is Fluffy married? No, the American comedian is not married or dating anyone at the moment.
  5. Did Gabriel Iglesias get married? He has never been married. However, he was previously in a relationship with American actress Claudia Valdez.
  6. Does Gabriel Iglesias have a child? He has no child of his own. However, he adopted Claudia Valdez’s son, Frankie Iglesias, in 2008.
  7. What is Gabriel Iglesias’ net worth? He has an estimated net worth of about $40 million as of 2023.
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Is Gabriel Iglesias married? The American comedian is not currently in a marital union. However, he was previously in a long-term relationship with actress Claudia Valdez. Despite being together and cohabiting for almost 12 years, they never formalized their relationship through marriage. Nevertheless, they have a son together named Frankie Iglesias.


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