Has Danielle Collins Won A Grand Slam? Who Is Danielle Collins Coach?

Danielle Collins

Is Danielle Collins a Grand Slam winner? Danielle Collins is a professional tennis player from the United States who has been playing for five years. Danielle Collins went on to play collegiate tennis at the University of Virginia after graduating from Northeast High School.


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Danielle Collins reached the doubles quarterfinals at the 2019 Wimbledon Championships and the singles quarterfinals at the 2020 French Open. At the 2021 Silicon Valley Classic and the 2021 Palermo Open, Danielle Collins won two WTA Tour singles titles.

Has Danielle Collins won a Grand Slam?

Danielle Collins has never won a Grand Slam tennis tournament.

Tom Couch
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Who is Danielle Collins coach?

Tom Couch, Danielle Collins’ boyfriend, serves as her coach and trainer.

Tom Couch is a former Australian rules football player who is now the North Launceston Football Club’s playing coach. Tom Couch is the son of Paul Couch, a great Australian rules footballer.

Tom Couch previously played in the Australian Football League for the Melbourne Football Club. Tom is 33 years old and used to be a midfielder.


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