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“He was a weakling, he could have fought back” – Speed Darlington mocks Mohbad

Speed Darlington


Speed Darlington, a controversial rapper, has mocked the late and outstanding vocalist Mohbad, as he described him as a weakling.

As videos of his former label boss Naira Marley and his assistant Sam Larry abusing the musician circulated online, the singer was victimised by them before his tragic death.

“He was a weakling, he could have fought back” – Speed Darlington mocks Mohbad
Nigerian artist, Mohbad. Photo source: Twitter

Mohbad was referred to as a weakler by Speed Darlington in response to it as he pointed out how the singer could have retaliated against them.

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Bullies, in his opinion, only fight and attack those they can easily dominate because they are afraid of people who would fight back or are more powerful than them.


He cautioned parents to raise beasts and not weaklings as men, using Mohbad as an example.

Make sure your son is a beast, make sure you produce a beast and not a weakling. I saw too many videos of a dead man, “If anything happens to me, Naira Marley and his boys oo”,

“I was looking at him, like see this weakling. Bully no dey attack person wey go beat am, bully first go size you up, convince himself that he can lick you like ice cream. Bully does not attack people that are stronger than them.”

If say every time they attack this boy, whether they are two or three, one of them pleads profusely, dey wouldn’t do it again. But all he does is carry phone and run up and down. Rest in peace to a dead man. Stop raising a weakling, it can’t happen to me”.

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