Henry Engel Age: How Old Was Richard Engel’s Son?

Henry Engel, the son of Richard Engel, passed away when he was 6 years old.

Rett Syndrome, which Henry had throughout his life, caused his death on August 18, 2022 at Texas Children’s Hospital.


Rett Syndrome is a rare neurological condition that impairs or delays the “purposeful use of the hands.”

It is distinguished by intellectual incapacity, seizures, sluggish head and brain growth, and difficulties walking. The disease’s lack of a treatment is its worst feature.

After a genetic testing, Late Henry, who was born in 2015, was identified as having sluggish development. According to medical professionals, a mutation in his MECEP2 gene caused the disease.

Henry Engel Age: How Old Was Richard Engel’s Son?

Henry Engel
Photo Credit: NBC News

However, as he progressed and developed dystonia, which occasionally caused stiffness in his motions, his situation deteriorated.

In 2018, Henry and his dad had been on “Today” to talk about the condition and the likelihood of a future cure.

Richard Engel had said at the time, “We want Henry to know he’s loved, no matter what’s coming.

Richard Engel, Henry’s father, joined NBC in 2003 and progressed through the company’s ranks to become the top foreign correspondent five years later.


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