How to Eat a Girl Out: 16 Secrets to Make Her Scream (New)

How to Eat a Girl Out

How to Eat a Girl Out – If you’re not sure how to properly eat a girl out, this tutorial will show you how.

Most males are clueless when it comes to knowing how to eat a female out. At least until some girl instructs them on what to do down there!


Most males consider eating a girl out to be a waste of time. Why use your tongue to pleasure her when you can just use your dick? Going down on a girl for a minute, on the other hand, is just another way to get a girl wet enough to penetrate her. Going down on a girl, on the other hand, does not have to be considered an optional aspect of foreplay.

Consider going down on a female as one of, if not THE most, effective techniques to make her climax and have a lot better sexual experience with you. Isn’t it true that you desire to please and satisfy her?

How to eat a girl out in a way that’ll make her want to scream

You may believe that understanding how to eat a girl out does not necessitate any talent. Simply go down, push your tongue out, and watch her have a good time. However, the truth is that you will receive almost no reaction if you do so. She might even force you to quit.

Eating a girl out entails a lot more than you might believe. To do it right and make her want you as she’s never wanted you before, you’ll need time, skill, and practice. You won’t delight her if you don’t put in the effort.

Benefits of eating a girl out

Some of you are probably rolling your eyes because you don’t see the sense of eating a female out when you can simply get straight to the sex and gratify her that way. But if you just get down to business, you might not be delighting her as much as you think.

Foreplay is essential for females. They take a lot longer to get off than men do, and they like foreplay to get things started and improve the big O.

Where most guys go wrong when eating a girl out

There’s a long-held belief that if you don’t know how to eat a female out, all you have to do is mentally recite the alphabets from A to Z and roll your tongue like you would speak the alphabet when eating a girl.

Not that this advise from high school isn’t useful, but most guys take it far too literally. Rather than enjoying going down on her, many men regard this aspect of sex as a serious duty that demands complete concentration. Is it correct that I say ‘D’? Is it possible that I rolled my tongue incorrectly when uttering ‘F’?!

And what was supposed to be a terrific turn-on for both partners turns into a major mood killer!

How to enjoy eating a girl out and going down on her

Let’s get this out of the way before we get into the steps to remember. You have to like pleasuring your girl down there if you want her to enjoy your tongue-works.

Don’t just dip your tongue in and then return your torso to her face with a satisfied grin. Get down there, put your face between her thighs, wrap your arms around her legs or butt, and perform your magic. Consider oral sex as an aspect of sex that should be enjoyed, much like undressing a woman, fondling her breasts, or sliding down her panties.

You’ll find that every time you have sex with your girl, or any lady, you’ll pleasure her beyond words if you learn to relax your mind and see oral sex as a strategy to stimulate your female while also enjoying the act. Every single time.

How long should you eat a girl out?

Every male wants to know the answer, and the truth is that there isn’t one. However, most guys and ladies agree on a time restriction of 15 minutes. Now, 15 minutes may sound excessive, and there’s a good chance your tongue will become sore as well!

You’re a superstar if you can go down on a girl for longer than that. And a girl who pushes your head down for more than 15 minutes is simply greedy.

How long have you been having sex? That is subjective, and oral sex is subjective as well. When a guy goes down on them, some girls are ecstatic. Penetrative sex, on the other hand, feels a lot better for some girls. So go down on her and come up for air every now and then, all the while keeping an eye on her face. Go with the flow if she’s writing about ecstasy. Use the suggestions below if she’s staring at the ceiling with a vacant expression.

How to eat a girl out and make her scream – The tips every guy needs to follow

As I previously stated, eating a female out is a unique skill that not everyone possesses. Fortunately, this is a technique that can be learned, and with enough practice, you’ll be able to make her scream in no time.

These instructions on how to eat a girl out will provide you with all the information you’ll need to make her scream if you really want to please her like you’ve never done before.

How to Eat a Girl Out

#1 Build the anticipation. There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a text from a man promising to pleasure you like you’ve never been pleased before. It makes no difference whether you’re at work or at the gym. You’ll be in a good mood when you get that text.

Build up the suspense ahead of time. Prepare her mind and body for what you have to offer, and you’ll be astonished at how enthusiastic she will be to take it.

#2 Heat things up in other regions first.Don’t jump immediately to her lady parts and start working. Before you conclude your voyage down there, you want to make sure you’ve got her entire body on edge. Kiss her passionately, feel her up, and let her know you’re about to get down to business.

#3 Make your way down, slowly. This section is crucial since it aids in the development of anticipation. You want her to be as turned on as possible because pleasing her will be that much simpler. So take it slow and steady, kissing and licking your way down her body until you reach her.

#4 Find her magic button. I’m referring to her clit as the “magic button.” We have more problems than your inability to give her oral if you don’t know where this is. Locate the clit on a woman’s diagram and then FOCUS on it. It’s all about her clit if you want to know how to eat a female out properly.

#5 Flick your tongue. We all know how much vibration in that area appeals to girls, and that’s because it’s the repeated movement of the clit that turns ladies on. So, using your tongue to flick it back and forth and up and down, try to imitate that motion. This will drive her insane!

#6 Apply pressure with your tongue. Ladies, too, require pressure to get off. So, instead of just flicking your tongue around, press down on her clit with your muscular tongue, moving it back and forth as quickly as you can. This is the greatest way to mimic the intense vibration experience that girls adore.

#7 Use your lips. You don’t have to use your tongue to get a girl’s attention. You’ll use everything your mouth has to offer, even your lips, if you really want to make her scream.

That place should be kissed. Pull on her clit with your lips. Experiment with different ways to utilize your mouth. Don’t believe it’s all about your tongue; your lips play a big role in how she finishes.

#8 Use the suction of your mouth. You can also use your lips to apply suction, which is a type of pressure many girls aren’t used to feeling down there. Suck on her clit and watch her go insane for you.

#9 Don’t forget about your fingers! It doesn’t mean you can’t use other methods to get her off while you’re down there, just because you’re eating her out. You can also stimulate her G-spot with your palms and fingers. Just stick your finger in while you’re out and about, and watch her back arch as her moans fade away!

#10 Ask her how she likes it. Don’t be hesitant to take a break and inquire about how she enjoys what you’re doing. If you’ve followed our instructions to the letter, she should be gasping for oxygen and unable to respond.

This will not only allow you to take a break, but it will also let you to change your approaches in order to pleasure her exactly as she desires.

#11 Stimulate other parts of her body. Don’t just ignore what’s going on down there. You have hands, and you can use them to reach wherever! Reach around her butt or up to her boobs and have a little fun with them.

You’ll be able to delight her in more ways than simply her lady bits by stimulating numerous locations. You’ll have her so engrossed in pleasure and sensations that she won’t be able to stop herself.

#12 Switch up positions. You can try a variety of positions to get her to eat you. Don’t limit yourself to just one posture because she may react differently to other situations. Try them all and then focus on the one that receives the most positive response.

#13 Switch up intensities. Don’t only go all out for the duration of your time with her. Slow down, then speed up to change up your tempo. You can apply a small amount of pressure and then increase it before softening up again. The secret to getting her off is variety.

#14 Make sure she knows you like it. This is something that few men consider, but it is critical. Girls have concerns about guys eating them out, and if you don’t like it, they won’t either.

Make a point of telling her how much you enjoy gratifying her and how much fun you’re having with her. This will help her relax and let go, allowing her to fully enjoy the experience rather than feeling insecure.

#15 Ask her what she wants.  Just ask her if you’re not sure what she likes and what she doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to speak up! If you lean in close and say, “Tell me what you want me to do,” this can be done in a really sexy way. This puts the ball in her court, and you’ll discover everything there is to know about her preferences and desires. It will help you to concentrate entirely on those aspects, allowing you to devour her like an expert.

#16 Stay down just a while longer. If your girlfriend is a nice one, she might hold your head and encourage you to get back up at some time *because she knows you’re exhausted and she’s awkward*. But instead of immediately rising, stay down for a while longer! Let her know you’re having so much fun that you don’t want to go. It’ll make her happy, and she’ll be able to enjoy your tongue without worrying about you eating her.

It’s not easy to learn how to eat a girl out. It’ll take some practice, but if you follow these guidelines for eating a girl out, she’ll be screaming with delight in no time.


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