How to Face Relationship Challenges & Overcome Them as a Couple

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How to Face Relationship Challenges & Overcome Them as a Couple

Every couple faces relationship challenges, but it’s how you overcome them, learn, and grow that separates the good couples from those doomed to fail.

No relationship is smooth 100% of the time. There are always going to be ups and downs. Relationship challenges are part of the deal.

Relationships are basically two people who don’t know each other at the start, learning about one another, and compromising in order to come together. Sometimes you come up against roadblocks and sometimes you just don’t want to compromise but find that you must over time.

If you want to stay together over the long-term you have to learn how to get over the hurdles you’re likely to face with humility and grace.

Learning to overcome relationship challenges successfully

Now, every relationship faces its issues, but they vary from couple to couple. One relationship might find difficulties in trusting one another. Another couple may find difficulties in communication. Yet a different couple might find that they’re a little incompatible in the bedroom!

These are all relationship challenges that can be overcome. You must focus on a positive way to get the job done. If you don’t? Your relationship won’t be on a strong footing, and you’re probably doomed to fail.

#1 Communicate effectively. Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship if it’s going to work. How are you going to overcome relationship challenges if you’re not able to talk about how you feel or listen to the other person?

You see, communication isn’t all about words, it’s about being able to hear the other person and read between the lines a little too. Any issue that comes your way will always be ten times harder if you’re not able to communicate with one another effectively.

#2 Don’t be selfish. If you’re always putting your needs before theirs, you’re going to run into more hurdles than needed. It’s vital to think of the other person and be flexible in your approach. It’s not all about you, just as it’s not always about them.

Whenever you do or say something, make sure that you’re not accidentally being selfish. Are you opening yourself up to seeing things through their eyes, too? This is a great way to overcome relationship challenges. Additionally, it allows you to understand the problem at its very core.

#3 But don’t be a doormat. It’s important to remember just as much that it’s not all about them either. You must have your needs met as well. Everything should be equal. If you want to overcome relationship challenges, focus on equality and understanding. Remember the first point: communication. All of this comes together to help you work towards success.

A partner who only thinks about themselves isn’t a good partner because you will never have your needs met. Then, resentment starts to creep in and before you know it, even more relationship challenges are at your door.

#4 Be prepared to compromise. If you want to overcome a problem in a relationship, whether big or small, compromise is the answer. It doesn’t mean one person gets everything their own way and the other doesn’t have any of their needs or opinions listened to or met. Instead, you meet each other halfway.

You choose a suitable point where you both have a safe space in which to talk, express your feelings, and be listened to, then you find somewhere between the two points that allows you to overcome the challenge without one person feeling insecure.

#5 Always show empathy. Empathy is something you definitely need in a relationship. Without empathy, you’re not able to see the other side of the story. You’re not able to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, and as a result, you end up being selfish and focusing only on yourself.

Most relationship challenges don’t have a right or wrong answer, it’s normally about finding that middle ground we’ve talked about. You can only do that when you focus on having empathy and putting the success of your relationship before your own needs. Despite that, you shouldn’t agree to or do anything which goes against you core values. There is such a fine line to walk here, but following your gut will always help you out.

#6 Give yourself a little space. It’s not possible to overcome common relationship challenges by being in each other’s pockets. Give yourself a little time and space. If things are heating up and threatening to come to a head, it’s far better to spend a few days cooling down before revisiting the situation with a clear mind. If you focus on things while feeling super-emotional, it won’t end well, and the other person will feel exactly the same.

So, while you don’t just cut all ties and say, “I need space,” both agree that you need to allow things to settle and have a few hours or even a few days to chill out. Then come together to talk things through.

Every relationship challenge is different 

Relationship challenges are different for every couple. But, you probably won’t only run into one problem throughout the course of your union. You might have a series of challenges all happening within a short period of time, or you might have one and then a long gap before another occurs. It varies and depends upon your own circumstances and how you feel at the time.

What you shouldn’t do is assume that if you have a problem in your relationship then it’s the end. You can always work things out if you really want to. But it should be a joint effort where you both commit to talking things through and understanding each other better. You can’t have one half of the relationship not bothered about sorting things out, and the other half desperate to get things back on track. It simply won’t work.

In reality, it comes down to expectations. We see perfect relationships in movies and in TV series and assume that’s how it will be for us. Reality is a totally different ballgame. Everyone has arguments occasionally; everyone has problems and there are always going to be relationship challenges every so often. The difference between a couple who makes it and a couple who fails is their commitment to making it work.

You might see a golden couple and assume that they never have problems. Of course, it’s not the truth. The perfect relationship does not exist… no matter what Hollywood wants you to believe! If you go into a relationship with your eyes open, that means you know that at some point, you’ll face a challenge, then you’re far more likely to overcome it.

If you go into it assuming everything is going to be roses, you’re going to get a shock and probably throw in the towel early. Because you assume there is something fundamentally wrong with the relationship at its very core. There’s nothing wrong, it’s normal!

Overcoming relationship challenges relies upon communication, open-mindedness, empathy, and the ability to compromise. So the next time you face a relationship challenge, use these steps to overcome them as as a couple, and as smoothly as you both can.

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