Hungry lion causes stir as it refuses to eat goat at Benin zoo, flees in fear

Hungry lion causes stir
Hungry lion causes stir as it refuses to eat goat at Benin zoo, flees in fear

At the Ogba Zoo in Benin City, a seemingly hungry lion stunned visitors by not only sparing the life of a goat meant to be its meal but also retreating in fear from the goat.


In a video shared on TikTok by user Reginal Bella, a hungry lion and a seemingly ordinary goat were thrust into an unexpected face-off that has since captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

Spectators who had gathered at the zoo for a glimpse of the ferocious lion’s feeding ritual were met with an entirely unforeseen turn of events.


As the video unfolds, the caged lion, presumably driven by hunger, initially faced the goat with intent. However, what transpired next was nothing short of remarkable.

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Contrary to all expectations, the goat displayed remarkable courage in the face of the lion’s predatory gaze.

Rather than cower in fear, the fearless goat launched a spirited counterattack on the formidable carnivore.


The lion, in an uncharacteristic display of vulnerability, appeared startled by the goat’s audacious approach.

The unexpected encounter left both visitors and zookeepers in awe, as the lion hastily retreated from the confrontation.

The scene that was supposed to feature a triumphant predator devolving upon its prey turned into a bewildering tableau of an assertive goat turning the tables on the lion.

“This is Ogba Zoo, Benin City. The goat is meant to be eaten by the lion, but now, the lion is afraid of the goat,” user wrote.

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Netizens Reactions…

@samwise237 said; “This is THE REAL GOAT.”

@nachee commented; “Na so lion dey do. The lion dey buy time. na from back e go attack the goat.”

@IREDIA said; “After the show, na wentin happen to the Goat?”

@bigtriumphant said; “Edo state is the heartbeat of Nigeria anything can happen there.”

@PowerBoi3760536335722 said; “Na so God go give us strength to take chase our enemies.” 

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Nigeria my country 😆 #reginalbella #foryoupage

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