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“I’m dating someone but we’re not in a relationship” – Lege Miami

Lege Miami


Popular actor and socialite, Lege Miami has opened up on his relationship status which is seemingly complicated.

The movie star spoke on his complex relationship status while speaking in a recent interview with TVC.

“I’m dating someone but we’re not in a relationship” – Lege Miami
Actor, Lege Miami. Source: Google.

He revealed that he is currently dating someone. However, he doesn’t see it as being in a relationship because what is going on between him and the lady doesn’t count as one.

Lege further revealed that he is doesn’t have plans to get married or settle down into marriage anytime soon.

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Lege Miami said:

“I have two kids but I’m not married. I’m single. Yes, I have somebody I’m dating right now, but at the same time, I’m not in a relationship for now. I have a baby mama. She has two kids for me. We are no longer together. We are not compatible.

“I have never been married before. The person I’m currently dating, we are still like in a situation. When it comes to relationships, I know how to handle it. It’s just that I don’t take nonsense. I don’t tolerate it, but I take my time.”

Watch the video below:

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