”Instead of praying to God for a rich man, pray to him to make you rich” – Linda Ikeji tells young ladies

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Linda Ikeji

Popular media personality, Linda Ikeji recently took to her social media page to share some financial words of advice to young ladies.

Linda Ikeji

The millionaire blogger and single mother-of-one advise young ladies to pray to God to make them rich as opposed to praying for a rich suitor.

She added that when the rich man eventually locates them, it will be a bonus.

Her post reads ;

Dear young lady, instead of praying to God for a rich man to locate you, why don’t you pray to God to make you a ‘rich man’? Because what happens if the rich man leaves?  you start hustling for another one? C’mon, that’s too much stress .

Start now at 17, 18 to find and fight for your dreams. Work your butt off to be rich. And work your butt off some more to stay rich. Its a bladdy, amazing place to be!  Happy New week! 

P.S; A rich man will eventually locate us sha …as a bonus 

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