Is Charles Oliveira Fighting Justin Gaethje?

Charles Oliveira

The fight is still going on, and the title is still up for grabs.

“If Charles wins the fight tomorrow night, the belt will be vacant,” a spokeswoman said. “If Justin Gaethje wins tomorrow night’s bout, he will win the title.”


Oliveira and Gaethje will fight at UFC 274 inside Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, tonight (Saturday, May 7, 2022).

Is Charles Oliveira Fighting Justin Gaethje?

If Gaethje defeats the (previous) champion, the consequences are less severe.

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The Highlight completes his career transformation from burned-out brawler to ultra-violent champion.

Gaethje is already a fan favorite, and a title only adds to his popularity. At 155 pounds, he has a lot of interesting fights to choose from.

Charles Oliveira lost his UFC lightweight title after he tipped the scales a bit too much during his title defense at UFC 274.20 on May 7.

Oliveira weighed 155.5 pounds, a half-pound heavier than the 155-pound limit. He was given an hour to lose the additional weight but failed miserably. It’s the first time a UFC champion has lost a belt because of a weight cut.


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