Is Kristie Sita missing a hand?

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 Kristie Sita missing a hand

Kristie Sita missing a hand – Kristie Sita was involved in an incident that resulted in her losing one of her hands.

Kristie Sita was 16 years old when her left hand was severed by a rope while she was out on Ruby Lake on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia; while she felt it was a nightmare at the time, she has now come to grips with the loss.

Kristie Sita missing a hand?

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Kristie Sita |image via: Daily Mail

Kristie has previously described how terrifying it was to lose her hand in an instant while out on a lake with friends. The group had an inflatable tube that had fallen off the back of the boat.

Despite the fact that the event was traumatic and necessitated immediate emergency surgery, Kristie soon recovered and maintained a cheerful attitude. She was back in the gym just two and a half months after her four-hour operation.

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