Is Liquorose The BBNaija Season 6 Winner?

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BBNaija Season 6 Winner

Will Liquorose Win BBNaija 2021? Last-Minute Rush To Vote For Liquorose Puts Whitemoney’s ‘destined win’ in limbo.

The Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye edition is in its final week and a winner will be crowned on Sunday, October 3, 2021. The winner will walk away with N90 million and other goodies.

Since the word go, Whitemoney has been the show’s favorite to the extent that other housemates predicted him to be the winner of BBNaija 2021. He is known for owning the kitchen, call him the chef of the house. He prepares and serves the meals.


Fellow housemates, Pere and Maria, tried to ‘expose’ Whitemoney’s tactics of “using cooking” as a strategy to win the prize at stake. This boosted Whitemoney’s fanbase and caused disaffection for Pere. Pere literally spoiled his game by attacking Whitemoney.

During a conversation with Whitemoney, Angel told him that she foresees him winning the game as she sees a light in him that makes him stand out. Other housemates have also shared the same thoughts in their individual conversations. The relationship between Whitemoney and Angel is no longer as before.

Though Angel could stand by her words that Whitemoney is winning, one would doubt if she still sees him as that ‘angel’.

Whitemoney and Angel 1 1
Whitemoney and Angel

In fact, Whitemoney has strategically played his game. It is as if he is aware of what goes on outside the house. He tried to settle his differences with Pere to paint a picture of how ‘peaceful’ he is and, probably expecting Pere to decline such a request to make him look bad. Man is very smart.

Whitemoney began winning the love of housemates and viewers by putting smiles on their faces with his sense of humor. Many seem to love him for his ability to find humor even in bad situations, and that is something many have become a fan of his for.

His fan base shot up after Maria nominated him for eviction on their first eviction nominations despite the two being close. This betrayal by Maria gained him public sympathy which got him more supporters. Fans even loved him more after he still acted nice to Maria, despite knowing she nominated him for eviction.

Whitemoney and Pere Food 1
Whitemoney and Pere

Whitemoney cooked and served Pere during his reign as Head of House. He was applauded to according Pere the needed respect as the head.

Fans believe Whitemoney has exhibited maturity in the house based on the way he relates with the housemates and handles situations. Many have hailed him for being matured, believing he knows just what to say in any situation, and for his ability to still show love to the housemates who wrong him.

He has been tagged by many as a talented fellow due to the potentials he displays during tasks in the house. From his acting skills to coming up with good ideas, and his ability to compose songs for tasks within minutes.

Something which has got many to believe will take him far in the competition.

Then Liquorose became a competitor

All this while Whitemoney was not in a race. It looked as if he was destined to win. Then suddenly Liquorose came into the picture.

Liquorose’s fanbase started growing when her relationship with Emmanuel started. So far, only two of them were able to date in the house. All other ‘ships’ turned out to be fake after they were evicted, but with Emmarose, one would be convinced that they are in for real. This season’s romance is all about them.

emmanuel and liquorose
Emmanuel and Liquorose
Liquorose was just an ‘ordinary’ housemate until she became the Head of house in Week 5. She exhibited good leadership skills and won him public admiration and even among the housemates. She won the position for a second time. A section of viewers of the show started projecting her as a winner of Big Brother Naija 2021.

It’s few days to the Grand Finale, and suddenly, everything is pointing in the direction of Liquorose. Several celebrities including TachaMercy Eke and evicted housemate, Maria, are all canvassing for votes for Liquorose.

That’s not all, online search trends have seen a spike in people who are looking for how to vote for Liquorose. Maybe the campaign by the celebrities is working.

Angel and Pere have tried to create hatred for Whitemoney. They said Whitemoney wasn’t happy to see them back in the house. Some viewers will side with them and give Liquorose their votes. And if Whitemoney is not focused, Angel may pull him away from the N90 million with her distractions.

Lucky for Liquorose, Emmanuel won the Head of house for the last week and chose her as deputy head of house. She has another opportunity to exhibit her leadership skills to gain more admiration from fans which would certainly turn into votes.

Whitemoney is predicted to win BBNaija Season 6 but the last-minute rush to vote for Liquorose may turn things around.

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