Is Rose Leslie royalty? Is Rose Leslie posh? Are Kit Harington and Rose Leslie related?

Rose Eleanor Arbuthnot-Leslie was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on February 9, 1987. She is of Scottish nationality.  She is even descended from royalty and grew up in a castle, Lickleyhead Castle.

Rose is an actress. She starred in Downtown Abbey as Gwen Dawson, Maia Rindell in three seasons of The Good Fight. She is also famous for featuring in HBO’s Game of Thrones as Ygritte.


Image Credit: Vulture

In 2011, Kit Harington, the actor who played Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, and Rose Leslie started dating. They got married in June 2018. They had a son this year.

Is Rose Leslie royalty?

Rose Leslie is not actually royalty, but she is related to royalty. Through her mother, she is descended to Simon Fraser, a descendant of King Charles II.

Is Rose Leslie posh?

Rose Leslie has a very posh accent.

Are Kit Harington and Rose Leslie related?

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are married. They got married in June 2018.


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