Is Tiger better than Jack Nicklaus?

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Is Tiger better than Jack Nicklaus

Is Tiger better than Jack Nicklaus – Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus are often considered to be the greatest golfers of all time. The question of which is the better of the two regularly arises in an ever-competitive society. While there is no clear solution, statistics can help put things in perspective.

Is Tiger better than Jack Nicklaus?

Here’s how these two legends fared in major titles throughout their careers. Tiger Woods has 15 major championships, whereas Jack Nicklaus has 18. Woods has not yet announced his retirement, but his chances of winning another major tournament are slim.

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Woods has played in 87 major championships. He has won 15 of them, including three at The Open Championship. Tiger Woods has 33 top-five finishes and seven major runner-up finishes. He has also entered the Top-10 on the list 41 times in 87 appearances.

In comparison, during his career, Jack Nicklaus made 164 starts in major tournaments. The ‘Golden Bear’ won 18 and finished second in 19 of them! Nicklaus finished in the Top-5 56 times and in the Top-10 73 times in 164 starts!

Woods has won more events than Nicklaus, despite having more major titles.

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