Is Travis Pastrana A Redbull Athlete? How Much Does Redbull Pay Travis Pastrana?

Is Travis Pastrana a Redbull athlete

Is Travis Pastrana a Redbull athlete, Travis Pastrana is a professional motorsports and stunt performer from the United States who won the American Rally Association Championship in 2017. At the Summer X Games, Travis Pastrana has won eleven gold medals, four silver medals, and two bronze medals.

Travis Pastrana
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Travis Pastrana went to the University of Maryland after attending the American School of Correspondence and Anne Arundel Community College. Travis Pastrana is a 38-year-old Gravity Games gold medalist in Rhode Island Moto X Freestyle in 1999.

Travis Pastrana has appeared in a variety of films and television shows, including Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross, Action Figures, Nitro Circus, and Thrillbillies Double Wide.

Travis Pastrana
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Is Travis Pastrana a Redbull athlete?

Travis Pastrana is a Red Bull athlete who is also a part of the Subaru Rally Team USA. In October 2014, he competed in the first Red Bull Straight Rhythm.

How much does Redbull pay Travis Pastrana?

Travis Pastrana’s monthly income is estimated to be over $400,000.


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