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“It was scary” – Man tells Omah Lay about terrifying dream he had

Omah Lay


A fan, @kings_wealth33, left a comment on Omah Lay’s Instagram post, sharing that he had a terrible and scary dream about him.

Expressing genuine concern, he prayed for Omah Lay’s safety and urged him to stay safe.

In his words; “I pray you you will be alive to go to the show, because what I dreamt about you yesterday was terrible and scary. But I prayed all through the night. Omah lay, stay safe please. We love you.”

In response to @kings_wealth33’s comment, netizens flooded the comments section with reassurances for Omah Lay.

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They expressed confidence that nothing would happen to him, offering words of encouragement and love.

The supportive comments showcased the unity and care within the online community.

Omah Lay’s post featured a flier for his upcoming show in London on February 20th, 2024.

Despite concerns raised by @kings_wealth33’s dream, fans and netizens alike rallied behind Omah Lay, expressing their unwavering support and love.


@mercylifestyles reacted: “Stop eet pls.”

@precious.bella.1232 reacted: “Nothing will happen to him in Jesus na Amen.”

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@divawulence reacted: “Nothing will happen to my omah.”

@yallmeetkana15 said; “Just be okay for us we love you.”

@prince__harjibolar said: “2024? I’m going to be there live Inshallah. omah lay see you soon! BOB.”

@hadassahloveth200 said: “U are loved omah, pls be careful.”

See the post below:

“It was scary” – Man tells Omah Lay about terrifying dream he had

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