James Heltibridle Cause Of Death: How Did James Heltibridle Die?

James Heltibridle Cause Of Death

James Heltibridle

James Heltibridle was a late designer and filmmaker who had a wealth of expertise working behind the scenes in many different fields.

James Heltibridle, who was only 28 years old, unfortunately died in an automobile accident. The first source to reveal his tragic passing was Michael Jaegers Officially Undead Fan Site.


James Heltibridle | Via Favebites

Moving on to Heltibridle’s diverse career, he worked on a number of projects but was best recognized for his role in one of AMC’s most popular TV shows, The Walking Dead.

James Heltibridle Cause Of Death: How Did James Heltibridle Die?

On November 10, 2016, James was killed in an automobile accident. He had just finished his shift on The Walking Dead set and was heading home.

Unfortunately, the accident-related injuries caused the young filmmaker to pass away.

Many of his friends and followers were shocked by this because he was only 27. He would turn 28 in only 19 days.

Many of James’ friends, followers, and The Walking Dead cast and crew shared their sorrow over his passing on social media.


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