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Juliana Semenova Spicoluk is a well-known Canadian actress, yoga teacher, gymnast, and YouTuber who was born in Russia and reared in Ukraine. She and her family moved to Canada when she was ten years old. Her parents migrated to Canada in search of a better life for themselves and their children.

Juliana Semenova Spicoluk
Juilana and spouse Mark Spicoluk

Quick Juliana Semenova Facts

Name Juliana Semenova Spicoluk
Date of Birth 16th May
Spouse Mark Spicoluk
Nationality Russian, Ukrainian, Canadian
Occupation Yoga instructor, Youtuber, Gymnast
Education Juliana Spicoluk received her yoga teacher training in Montezuma, Costa Rica
Height 5 ft. 5 in.
Children 1
Brand Boho Beautiful
Food Habit Vegetarian
Net worth 2 million dollars

Her immigration to Canada began as a positive one, as she excelled in gymnastics and was a world-class Olympic level athlete for most of her adolescent years, an achievement that boosted her confidence in completing everything she set her mind to.

Following her adolescent successes. Juliana Semenova Spicoluk’s interest for yoga, pilates, and health and fitness evolved over time. She most likely chose this path to recover from injuries sustained throughout her numerous games and sporting competitions.

Yoga instructor Juliana

Juliana Spicoluk and her husband Mark Spicoluk are the co-founders and owners of Boho Beautiful, a yoga and lifestyle business. Boho Beautiful, a prominent online health company, features yoga, travel, fitness, vegan food, self-awareness, conscious living, and guided meditations. Since its inception, Boho Beautiful has grown to over 1.5 million Youtube subscribers, sold tens of thousands of books and programs online, and continues to inspire millions of people across the world.

Juliana Semenova Spicoluk Marriage

Juliana Semenova Spicoluk is married to Mark Spicoluk, a successful Canadian musician, lifestyle content developer, and entrepreneur. They are both parents to a child together.


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