Kizzy Edgell Boyfriend Girlfriend: Is Kizzy Edgell In A Relationship?

Kizzy Edgell Boyfriend Girlfriend

Kizzy Edgell Boyfriend Girlfriend – Kizzy Edgell kept their personal and romantic lives separate. As a result, no one knows whether they had a partner in 2022 or not.

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We do know, however, that they were not dating Carinna Brown, their on-screen girlfriend. On-screen chemistry between Kizzy and Corinna was incredible. They’ve been an inspiration to many for their portrayal of a healthy lesbian partnership in Heartstopper.

“‘Seeing my own challenges as a lesbian helped me feel seen and not alone,” one fan commented.

In the same press roundtable, Kizzy remarked, “I think it’s made me feel incredibly lucky that I can talk about it, that I can speak to people about it, and the lesbian representation and queer female representation, it’s something that does get missed out on a lot of LGBT+ shows.” “I’m ecstatic to be a part of it.”

Kizzy Edgell plays Darcy Olsson, a recurrent character in Heartstopper. Elle Argent, Aled Last, Nick Nelson, Charlie Spring, Tao Xu, and Sahar Zahid are her best friends, and she is Tara Jones’ girlfriend.


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